About Us

Hi, my name is Mike Brockman. I am a 3rd generation carpenter and have enjoyed building with wood since I was a child.

Most of the decks and structures I have built since 1986 have been for custom homebuilders in the Richmond area's most prestigious neighborhoods.

Working with custom builders is a great learning experience for contractors. We have to produce a quality product at a reasonable price, finish the job on schedule, work with many different kinds of materials, stay current with the ever-changing building codes and learn from talented architects and designers.

A deck built on your home is a considerable investment. I believe A Better Deck.com offers you real value for your hard-earned dollar!

Remember! Approximately 75% - 90% of contractors fail in a 10-year period. We've been hanging in there for three times that long!

Please call today with any questions.


Redwood Deck and 450 Copper Pickets! Happy this job in Studley is almost finished! Mike and men at work. Pressure Treated Deck with Privacy Screening